November 14, 2007

Vitals wristband

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POSTED Friday, June 29, 2007

Take your pulse in style with the Vitals wristband

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Dan Bishop’s Vitals monitoring system takes the medical bracelet to a new level. Designed to ease up on the tedious workload that taking vital signs involves, the concept medical wristband can monitor the wearer’s temperature, pulse and blood pressure. First, medical staff will take a manual reading to provide a baseline. For future readings, though, all the patient has to do is swipe the Vitals’ monitor over his or her forehead to take their temperature, which signals it to start reading pulse an blood pressure, too.

All the data is relayed wirelessly to a digital “chart,” logging all the vitals of the patient, who gets the added bonus of wearing a stylin’ medical gadget. We wouldn’t mind seeing Bishop’s Vitals monitoring system come to hospitals, but it would be extra fun if the wrist pulse monitor makes the same doot-doot-doot sound as the bigger ones.

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Dan Bishop at Coroflot, via Yanko Design

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Take your medicine on time

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med minder

Whether you take medicine for a condition or you just have to take your vitamins and minerals on a regular basis, there are always those occasions when you just plain forget to take them or maybe you have had to go our quickly and forgot while you were getting ready, there is nothing worse than that. Fortunately there are few ideas that can save you from having to remember to take your medicine.

Med minder has been designed to allow people the freedom of worrying about their pills, this can be the elderly as well as everyone else, the medicine is initially divided into the days and placed into the compartments, which can the be opened at the specific time.

The device has an LCD display which indicates the frequency, date and time etc, there are also LED lights which flash to the alert the user that it is time to take their medicine as well as an audible sound, so they have all the bases covered.

This is great idea especially when people are self medicating as there is no possibility of them taking overdoses either, these devices could be used by nursing staff who visiting people at home, the device can then be set to the required settings and then the only thing that the patient needs to do is take the medicine as directed, no more worrying about the frequency.

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